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    Transplanted Seedlings. Beginner in need of help

    THis is my first year gardening. I am growing from seed, and I just transplanted my watermelon and cucumber seeds into peat pots from the small seed tray they were in. Both are still small (maybe too small to have done what I did, I'm realizing) with only two leaves. I transplanted them yesterday, and this morning my watermelon seedlings are fallen over and wilted. Can they be nursed back to health? Or are they basically dead? Any insight into what I can do, or can do next time would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    I know sometimes they go into shock. They look really bad and then once they get adapted they start growing...or not,lol. I've never repotted my seeders til they get their second set of leaves. A long time ago I was told that those are the true leaves... Do I know that for sure nope.....
    Right now I have half a flat of basil sweet and marjoram. A half flat of jalapenos (never have I done those from seed--fingers crossed, they are in my garden window. Also in my garden window is roma tomato, beefsteak, and cherry. Some cucs to. [I] also have a full flat of cilantro that is just breaking thru . Good luck with the seed starting. I do as much of that as I can. Then go get what I have to..

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    Hello from Canada :)

    sorry to say they may not recover. Most members of the curcubit family including cucumbers melons, squash, have very crisp and fragile roots and resent being transplanted bigtime. I find if I want to start seeds early they do best in jiffy pellets or straight into 4" pots (2 seeds and thin to 1 plant) so that any disturbance of the roots is kept to a bare minimum when transplanting to larger containers or into the garden
    lucky thing that it is still early enough to start over.
    we have all learned everything we know the hard way...keep trying!!

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    When you say 2 leaves, do you mean the "seed leaves", or the second "true leaf"? As well, next time use the "peat pellets" and plant them directly into them, then outside or larger pots to be placed outside. Then there is little chance of the shock. But at the same time, too much water and too cool of temps cause the wilting as well. I have had good luck transplanting, but not into a different pot, but rather right into the garden. Keep trying, never give up and continue to ask questions. We all live in different areas so where you live and where you have the plants makes a HUGE difference.

    Keep gardening


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