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    Basil Plant Indoors

    I have a basil plant and am new to growing herbs. I plan to keep the plant inside the house and use it often. The one thing I have noticed is that this plant is among the thirstiest I have ever encountered. It loves, loves water! Are there any tips anyone can offer to keep the plant healthy? Anything I should watch out for? How big will the plant grow?

    Just FYI I have included a link to 6 second time lapsed video of a basil plant coming back to life after water deprivation. I never want my plant to suffer this but it is great the owner was able to get the plant healthy again. YouTube - Back from the Dead

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    Did you know that you can grow basil in water in a sunny window? I brought in large cuttings of my outside Basil, plopped them in a container of water and they rooted within a week and are happily growing there. I'll keep using the tops and they should be happy all winter. I'll probably add a little liquid fertilizer once in a while. No more worrying about needing to water.

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