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    Question identify these hostas

    I have 14 varieties of hostas...I love them. However I do not know the name of three of them ...can anyone help identify them??


    In case it is hard to tell the first one is blue and white
    the second is tall thin green leaves
    and the last one is a stunning bright green and yellow
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    The one on the right, and perhaps the left too, kind of look like Hosta Loyalist.
    Hosta 'Loyalist'
    The one in the middle reminds me of Hosta 'Maraschino Cherry'

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    Not sure thay you are right Deepwater805.
    I read in your other posts you have just bought your 1st Hosta. See bottom link to see some of the many many variations that are now sold.

    Hosta Loyalist leaves have pure white centre with an irregular margin in various shades of green.

    hosta loyalist - Google Search

    So not at all sure how it can fit pic 1 and 3.
    Pic 1. Clearly has a dark central coloured leaf, (which Katiebell says is blue,in the centre) with a white margin.
    Pic 3. We are told is yellow in the centre, green on the margins.

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of named Hostas.

    I did not even attempt an id ,as your pics were far too tiny.
    I grow maybe 50 different hostas, yet would hesitate with suggesting a name for any Hosta pic.
    You really need very clear large pics to even begin to attempt a suggestion of a name.
    Height, leaf size and shape, leaf colour, stem colour, edges wavy or not, time of flowering, colour of flowers also plays a part in id.
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