Good morning,

Several years ago I planted some seeds that I got from one of the spinning racks in the supermarket. The package was labeled "evening stocks" but when I google that, the photos of the plants that come up are nothing like what I had growing in my garden. I've since moved and I would love to have that plant again, but I cannot find it anywhere.

The plant was fairly low growing - maybe a foot high. It was very sparse, and kind of spindly. From a distance, it wasn't really very visible. The poor thing was actually kind of a homely little plant, but the FRAGRANCE was intoxicating. It bloomed at night and the perfume that it released was heavenly - sort of sweet - reminded me of grandma's perfume. The stems were a silvery, gray green, very small, blade shaped leaves at the nodes. The flower was 4 petaled, tiny (less than 1" diameter) pale pink, (sometimes looked like it had a bit of a lavender cast to it) The flower was a little lopsided and the petals didn't seem to be very firmly attached. It reseeded itself very well, and I think it bloomed pretty much til frost. (on the edge between zone 4 & 5)

If anyone can tell me what this is and or where to get it I would be eternally grateful.
Thank you