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    Growing herbs in the same pot

    I have a big container and some herbs that I want to grow. However, I'm not sure which herbs are grown best with other herbs in the same container. For example, one of hte herbs is mint, and I'm sure mint will just invade every other herb's soil.

    So here are the herbs (already grown up to at least 6 inches in smaller, individual containers):

    Cuban oregano
    Sweet Basil
    English? Thyme
    Celery (hmm, not an herb!)
    Sweet Mint
    Chive (I believe it's some variety of onion chive since it's tube-like, but too big compared to standard onion chives)


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    This link might help you - scroll down to the bottom
    Setting Up and Planting Your GrowBox :: The Garden Patch

    Herbs 1 - 2 Plant 6 - 8 types per Grow BoxTM - Basil, Chives, Oregano, Dill

    I actually put basil, onions & beets together and they did great!

    Good luck!

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