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Thread: bulb-like pods

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    bulb-like pods

    I was told these are called "air potatoes". The "balls" are supposed to get hairy looking, but I picked these before the frost and they weren't mature yet. How do u plant them /
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    I strongly advise that you read all there is on www about these Air potatoes.... Dioscorea bulbifera.
    You do not say where you are in the world, but in places this a very serious invasive problem weed.
    Have a look at this article... 9th Air potato round up day....
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    I am in the united states in North Carolina. I know that Florida has a problem with them. I plan to plant these on a trellis. They have them at out agricultural department planted on a trellis. But I just don't know how to plant them.

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    We had a vine in Louisiana that would grow like mad and make dozens of 'air potatoes' each summer. This thing grew from early spring til frost. It came back each year on its own. The so called potatoes are not edible. Actually, they are toxic. And they taste like it too. Hey, this was pre internet. We had to risk our lives to find out this stuff then. :)

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