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    Cool What is this tall grass?

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    Welcome peggypwr1.

    Grass from pics are a nightmare to id.
    The most important thing to distinguish one grass from another is a very good close up of the seeds on the stalk, and a knowledge of the 1000s of possibilities, and an expert in grasses to tell one from another. Expert in grasses I am not!
    A clue to which county these pics were taken would help said expert.

    This is just a suggestion. It may be miles out.

    Elytrigia repens. I know this in Britain as Couch grass. To us it is a real problem, from a small clump it sends out shallow very long white roots underground. These send up new growth sometimes several feet from the parent plant. The leaf blades clasp the stem at the leaf node, and are then long and flat. It is rather course.

    In a field it is not a problem. However, it is a nightmare in flower/ shrub beds. it will invade everything.,r:22,s:0

    P.S. I did not find your video serene or relaxing. Camera movement was not smooth enough. Camera moved around too much. Sorry!
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