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    Day 12

    Thinned out some sprouts and started hardening off by putting the tray outside in the shade during the day. Do not try to harden off by putting indoor sprouts in full sun all at once. It will kill them.

    I've ferted twice. Once with some Burpee brand no nitrogen organic fert derived from kelp when I sewed the seed and once with Lady Bug Brand John's Recipe once everything was up. Lady Bug has nitrogen.

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    I done messed up :( Let the cukes get too much sun and cooked them. We'll let the next bunch just barely sprout and then the tray will be mostly outside so they'll be used to the sun right off. The others look good. A little small but they are mostly indoors under the light still.

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    I did the same thing with my Red Bell Peppers : (

    Happy Gardening All,
    -Kristina K.

    Urban Farm Wife

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