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    My indoor plants - Can you name them?


    I have these plants but I don't know their names. Can anyone help?

    1 - This one has purple shades under its long leaves.



    4- This one was all in bloom when I received it. They all withered after a couple of weeks and I don,t know if it was because the flowers were done, or because i did something wrong...

    thank you for your help!

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    Hi. I have the last one and it an African Violet. They're beautiful plants!! The leaves can't get wet and they don't seem to require a lot of watering. The flowers will all dry up and then in a couple weeks it flowers again. If it isn't getting enough sun it will not flower as frequently.
    Hope this helps

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    Welcome MoonLily.
    Your pics are very tiny.
    Can you post them full size so that I can zoom in for a good look.

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    Hi there :) I don't know how to post full size :(


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