This is my first year gardening, I started some tomatoes from seed about 8 weeks ago and they are only 1-3in tall. They should be ready to plant in the garden by now! I've done lots of online research and realized I was probably over-watering and I waited to long to add a fertilizer, I was using an organic seed starting mix, but have re-potted and switched to miracle grows organic potting soil. I've fertilized twice with an organic fish/seaweed fertilizer (once before re-potting and once after). I've corrected the over-watering problem. They're under a fluorescent light about 14 hrs a day. I'm not sure what else to do. It's time to plant outside where I'm from in Missouri, but they are so small. Any advice??? Also the potting soil said it feeds up to 2 months so I haven't added any more fertilizer.