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    Honeysuckle Winter Kill?


    I have a row of Clavey's Dwarf Honeysuckle behind the deck in the back yard. This spring it has not leafed out except at the vary bottom of the plant where there are new green leaves. The rest is leafless. The plants are old (about 20 years) and have been cut back to near ground level once about 8 years ago to reduce woodyness. There is another honeysuckle plant around the corner of the deck about 6 feet away that has leafed out normally. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and we experience temperatures as low as -40 C but this past winter was no colder than usual. I cannot see any sign of pests or mildew or blight.

    Should I prune them back to near ground level, or wait to see if they may still leaf out?



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    Scratch the bark back where the leaves are and notice if you see green. Then do the same thing where there are no leaves. If you see brown, then prune it back to where the green starts. This is my process.

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