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    Unusual Tree with Green and White Leaves & Odd Seeds

    I have a tree outside my home that is most unusual. It is a big tree (oak tree sized) with leaves that are a mix of green and white, similar to what you'd see on some house plants. But some branches have leaves that are only green. Then there are some new small branches coming off of the trunk that have leaves are are only white! The seeds remind me of maple tree seeds. Anyone have an idea of what this tree is? (See attached photo)
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    Welcome MacMan.
    Looks like Acer negundo variegata.
    Yes... it is a variegated maple!

    Mark the plain green branches with ribbon or string. In winter please cut them off.
    Green leaved branches will grow with more vigour than the variegated ones and will become the dominant branches ... unless you always remove them.

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    Thanks Silver Surfer! This question has been driving me crazy. I just recently thought of visiting a site like this to ask some experts and I'm glad I did. Your answer came back so quickly! Appreciate that! By the way, this particular tree is growing in Southern Oregon should anyone be interested.

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