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    Plant Identification! ?!

    Hello, for once i wasn't able to find by myself what this is.. (one time , looking for plant, that just out of nowhere was flowering, i even went trough 1000 plant pictures, to find out that mine was just clivia, wich i tough was just some green leaf-ed plant ) .
    I bought it on sale, it was very small and poor looking, right now, in last 3 month it has grown by almost 20cm, like monster.

    It's some kind of succulent, i think, but not sure what ...
    can someone please give me a name for it ? :)

    hope you can see- yfrog Photo : Shared by blondecreature .

    and i'm sorry if my english is not accurate, i am from not english- speaking country :)

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    Welcome blondecreature.
    You English is excellent.
    However, I am so sorry that Cacti and succulents are not my strong point!
    I do hope someone can help you.

    You may be having problems with id as it looks to me to be fasciated.
    See asparagus fasciated on this link...

    Yard & Garden News Feb 1, 2007

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