First I'll start by introducing myself since this is my first time on the forum. Hello, my name is Leah, I'm a 21 year old college student from Minnesota. My gardening experience is very minimal. My desire has been to grow a functional vegetable garden for most of my life. Growing up I tried but since the house I grew up in got partial shade at best I didn't have any luck. In a week my parents and I will be moving into a new home that has a vegetable bed that is full sun! WOO HOO!!!! I know that it's too late to grow anything this season but I'm wondering what I need to do to prepare it for next year. It's very over run and mostly all weeds. Some things, like I believe rhubarb and mint, are still growing in there but mostly we want to clear it out and start fresh. If a picture would help I'll try to take one after we close on the house this coming week.

I could use your advice on things like preparing the soil, weeding, getting the area ready for winter, what vegetables to pick for spring. I'm going into this with only the desire to grow but without any know how. I'm willing to learn if you guys would be willing to teach. Is there other things I need to take into consideration before the winter?

Also, about five feet away from where the garden is (and then some sections in parts of the garden) there is a huge ant metropolis. Like a 4'x4' mound. What action should be done to clear that out? My dad wants to just pour gasoline on the area but I'm afraid that may cause damage to grass and earth and I want things to grow.