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    ideas for a rock/cacti garden


    My wife and I shall be retiring to northern New Mexico in June. We've noted a large pile of rocks on a field and shall use them to create a rock garden in the turnaround circle at the house.

    I have a basic plan and will create a dried stream bed effect undulating through the middle of this garden. I intend on using native cactus which we shall accumulate from friends of ours in that state.

    While I can visualize the garden as it might develop, I am seeking some ideas on interesting rock shapes and relationships that would make the garden appealing, in addition to the cacti/succulents to be planted in the spaces between the rocks.

    I'd appreciate any insights or specific websites that illustrate very interesting desert rock gardens.

    Thank you in advance,

    Gene So

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    Hi Gene,

    Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. I would suggest you look at books about cactus gardens and desert rock gardens in the library for ideas and plant recommendations. You can also do a google search with terms such as:
    desert rock garden
    desert garden design
    desert plants
    cactus garden
    and so on.

    A visit to local desert gardens will also be helpful.

    Here's some links that you might find helpful.


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    Thank You

    Hello Newt,

    Thank you for doing such a good job of concentrating all this information concerning desert rock gardens.

    I know there is no way I can go through all this information and not come up with some good ideas to better enhance our future rock garden.

    Take Care,


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    Gene, you are so very welcome! Of course pictures of your finished project would be wonderful!

    Good luck with your move.

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    wonderful! thanks for the info..

    pret personnel

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    Thank you for your posts.
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    I love this idea so much I am going to do it myself! Thanks :D

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