Our company collects the best quality seed oils from collaborating companies from abroad as well, with high quality standards.

Used Vegetable Oil Per Metric ton
Corn Oil Per Metric ton
Vegetable oil Per Metric ton
Soyabean Oil
Sunflower oil
Jatropha Oil
Crude palm oil
RBD Palm Oil
Palm Oil
Cooking Oil
Biodiesel Oil
Crude Palm Oil
Palm Stearin Organic
and many more.

Type : Soyabean Oil
Processing Type : Crude,Refined.
Cultivation Type : Common
Use : Cooking
Packaging : Bulk,Pet Bottles,Plastic Bottles.
Place of Origin : Greece.
Certification : ISO 22000 : 2005,1SSO,HACCP
Volume : litres.

We are producing and selling the following products and more.We sell on per metric tons.

REBCO-Russia exportable blend crude oil .
SLCO-saudi light crude oil BLCO-bonny light crude oil .
Gasoline-gasoline Asphalt-asfalt betumen MAZUT-100, 75, 99, etc.
LPG-liquefied gas of petroleum LNG-natural gas Jet fuel-airplaine kerosene.
D-2-Diesel and Products Crude Oil.
SLCO Saudi Light Crude Oil.
SHCO Saudi Heavy Crude Oil .
ILCO Iranian Light Crude Oil.
IHCO Iranian Heavy Crude Oil.
BLCO Bonny Light Crude Oil.
OLCO Oman Light Light Crude Oil.
OBCO Oman Blended Crude Oil.
BLO Basra Light Crude Oil.
KLO Kurkok Light Crude Oil.
VLO Venezuelan Light Oil.
REBCO Russian Export Blend Crude Oil.
Refined Products, Gas Oil "EN-590".
RGD Regular Grade Diesel.
PGD Premium Grade Diesel (HSD).
SGD Super Grade Diesel.
Regular Petrol RON 87 Premium Petrol RON 93.
Unleaded Petrol RON 95.
Super Premium RON 97.
HFO Heating Fuel Oil.
HSFO High Sulphur Fuel Oil LSFO Low Sulphur Fuel Oil.
Kero Kerosene Bitumen.
Base Oil.
Mazut M-100 WW.

We are dedicated in agricultural products that the national and international specifications concerning safety and hygiene. Our target is the absolute satisfaction for every customer. To achieve that, the company

applies the certified Product Safety and Administration System, according to the National Model EN ISO 22000:2005. Upgrading the effectiveness proof our activities (concerning food safety with that application

of Food Administration and Safety System), gives multiple benefits to our company.

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