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    What type of Maidenhair Fern is this?

    Hello! I have recently fallen for a maidenhair fern plant that a friend has growing indoors in a small pot. It is not in the greatest shape, and I suspect why that is what makes its identification so difficult for me. After looking into the matter, I have a few ideas for the specific type of maidenhair this could be. I narrow it down to the Adiantum capillus-veneris/Southern Maidenhair, the Adiantum raddianum/Delta Maidenhair, the Bermuda Maidenhair and a variation of the Delta Maidenhair: Adiantum raddianum 'Gracillimum'. As you can see, I am a little lost based on internet photos alone, as the nurseries in my locale do not have ferns at this time in the season. The distinguishing characteristics of my friend's fern are very, very tiny leaves, dark stems, hunter green leaf color and a soft, triangular shape to the leaf bunches. These bunches are erect and almost lay on a flat plane if you were to look at the leaves from a level angle. Take a look at the photos, and let me know your best guesses!

    Thanks so much-

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