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    Are my veggies growing properly? (photos)

    Hi everyone,
    This my first attempt at a backyard garden and I'm not sure if my veggies are growing correctly. I planted them in mid October in North Carolina with soil n manure, so its been 4 weeks. They were seedling from the local nursery at that time.
    Id like to triple or more my garden for spring time but I want make sure I'm doing thiss right :)

    The first two pics are top n side view of cabbage, next is cauliflower and last is brocoli.
    Thank you for your help!
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    The stems of my cabbage plants seem kind of long to me. I think they are about 2 maybe 3 inches from the soil to the bottom leaves. Is that too long, do I need to put more soil under them or are they suppossed to look like that.
    Thanks again

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