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    Watering Issues

    I live in the desert of California and have had gardens for years. One of the biggest issues has always been watering. Last year I tried something different. I removed some trees from my yard and replaced them. Rather than throwing the buckets away that they came in I put them in the ground near the trees to help with watering. I also figured that this idea would work with the rest of my garden. I placed five gallon buckets in my garden near my tomato plants. That help get the water down under the root system and as an added bonus I was able to throw banana peels and other scraps right into the buckets. Last year was the best crop of tomatoes that I have ever had. This year I have modified and added more buckets and hope to have even a better crop. I used to have to water every day during the hottest time of the year but with this, I was able to go every other day during the long hot summer days here in the desert.
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