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Thread: Invading vine

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    Invading vine

    Ever see “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (original or re-make)?

    Vine is taking over a section of the back yard...kind of gowing over some tall bushes.
    South Lousiana (just outside of New Orleans).



    Pod for size (a 12” ruler) and split open. Colorful on the inside.

    So...what is it...and will I need to nuke it to eradicate it?

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    Welcome ribbonstone.

    Looks like Momordica charantia. Common name bitter melon.

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    Think you are right.

    Been the mildest winter in years and it in are area with lots of bird activity.
    Haven't seen this plant before; possible I just never noticed it when i9nsomeone elce's yard and only took note when it invaded MY yard...but suspect its a new invasive getting a toe-hold in my area.

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