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    Question peach tree replacement suggestions for high desert part of L.A.county

    I need to find a variety of peach tree to replace a tree that I am going to have to replace this fall. I was looking at a August Pride but when I pull up the info . on it a statement says " do not plant where a previous peach tree was". Why is this? I am looking for a cling variety that ripens in August. I already have a Desert Gold for a pollinator.We have winter temperatures one day of 0 degrees and summer temperatures if 110+. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

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    Hey palmdale steve. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
    It says to not plant in the same area as before because of the possibility of
    peach leaf curl.Your August Pride is a freestone type, not a cling type. According to the
    Sunset Western Garden Book, the only cling variety zoned for your area( Palmdale)
    is Indian Blood Cling . It is medium-size, has red skin with firm yellow flesh
    streaked with red. It has a rich flavor. It ripens late, which means September,
    maybe the last part of August. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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