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    Thumbs up Great Everyone! A Newbie Here :)

    I really cannot find the thread for the introduction of new members let me introduce myself first, I am Nelson Castro, 30 years of age and has a passion for home improvement, hobbies - gardening,home and garden,landscaping. I am a very glad to know that there's a forum which has the same interest as mine and that we can share our common passion based from our experiences and learn a lot of new things and learn new stuffs from anyone here. I want to gain more information on how can I improve my gardening. Hope to hear from you all soon.

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    Hello Everyone.

    I am from UK, I am here to know more about gardening issues and i think here all members of this forum are experts in gardening.I am so much glad to be a part of this forum.
    Thank You

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    great everyone a newbie is here

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