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    Unhappy Something eating my lettuce and spinach.

    I live in Palm Desert CA and recently planted bedding plants of lettuce and spinach. By the fourth day the plants have been eaten to ground level. This is a 3' high bed, no rabbits, happens at night, leaf pieces show cut edges. Also planted Chinese Cabbage which has tougher leaves. Some damage on them as well but not totally devastated like the lettuce and spinach. Anyone with ideas or solutions? Thank you in advance.

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    Night Camera.. If it's not a rabbit, could it be a deer? Sometimes I see my dog eat green foliage from plants. Don't know why, but it happens.

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    Thank you for the suggestions. No deer, rabbits or dogs in my fenced back yard. The garden bed is 36" above the ground. I read another thread that suggested earwigs that do this damage at night. I've temporarily screened in the garden but will probably have to replace the damaged bedding plants.

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    Jan 1st thought I would try again. Bought new lettuce and spinach bedding plants. Set 3 vegetable oil "traps" for earwigs. Next morning, all new plants eaten to the ground and nothing in the traps. Guess no garden this year.

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    Any update regarding your spinach as well your lettuce. Mind sharing it with some images with us.

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    Problem solved!

    Thank you for asking. Yes, I finally did figure out what was eating my garden. I had some Chinese cabbage and tomato plants that still had leaves. I saw about 10 little birds in there having a feast. I purchased bird netting, installed it over the garden and no more problems.

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