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    watering container plants

    New to forum, and fairly new to trying to start container and basket plants from cuttings. Wish to stop having to buy new baskets and potted plants from nusery every spring, such as fuchsia, lantana, blue fan, etc.

    I am having very good success rooting clippings, but have a very basic concern about maintaining those new little plants thru the winter in my small green house. I read many comments about "over watering" pots with new small plants, causing root rot, etc. My past experience and belief has been that a pot with non-compacted soil and plenty of clear, open drainage holes will allow excess water to drain away after the soil is sufficently wet.

    Can WELL DRAINED pot STILL be too soggy??

    Thanks for any comments from those with experience rooting and maintaining plants from clippings.
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