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    Phalaenopsis aphroditae? Help either way.

    OK. I got the plant from a friend. He was throwing it away. one healthy leaf, the other(which looked very poor) was removed. flowering stem ~24in. Two remaining flowers when I recieved the plant.
    I've since pollinated it, I think(bad idea?). The flower structures seem to have closed (I admit that I know almost nothing about how my plant should be pollinated, I took the advice from a bug or two).
    The flower's inside structures have since closed(is this good?)
    Right now I'm trying to find out what I should expect. And, if I'm killing the poor thing, let me know. Thanks.

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    Hi MSUplants,
    Well, I've learned that bugs usually know what they're doing, so you're probably on the right track. :) Here's a site with some orchid growing faq's that might be helpful.

    Here's the American Orchid Society faq's page too.

    Hope this helps,

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