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Thread: English Ivy

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    chrismu Guest

    English Ivy

    We just made up some hanging baskets w/ an assortment of annuals and also put some english ivy and some grasses in them for a little greenery. My question is that I know the english ivy is perrenial so what should I do w/ it when the rest dies out this fall. Could I just leave it in the basket and let it go until next year (not really what I'd like to do because they would look a little bare) or should I just transplant the ivy in the ground somewhere till next spring? I'm really just starting to get interested in this kind of stuff so any help would be great.

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    pruninggal Guest
    Hi chrismu,

    Usually Ivy is an evergreen groundcover or basket filler - let us know where you are located so we can help you better.


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    [align=left]i wouldnt suggest using english ivy as a groundcover, or even transplanting it can be an absolute beast once it gets its roots established, and murders brickwork if it gets the opportunity to grow up a wall!* i know it looks pretty, but here in the uk, we have the devil's own job to eliminate unwanted ivy!* i think it's a bit like your kudzu plants!![/align]

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    [align=left]Toss everything and restart with a new planting.* [/align]
    [align=left]You could plant bulbs where the annuals die to have something in the spring.* [/align]

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