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    [align=left]I have been planting containers for years, I just go to the plant store pick what I like[/align]
    [align=left]and plant it.* However this year I am trying to design my containters and then go pick up my plants or order them.[/align]
    [align=left]My big problem is I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CALLED.....[/align]
    [align=left]Any suggestions on where to go for a picture idenfication process?[/align]
    [align=left]I live in the Northwest Between Seattle and Bellingham. [/align]
    [align=left]Any help / suggestions/ comments would be greatly appriciated.[/align]

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    I think you will have to get a book to find out what they are called or provide us a photo to assist you.* :)


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    Maybe this site will be helpful.

    At this site you can scroll your mouse over the name for a quick picture or click on the name.* There are many pages and it starts here with 'A' thru 'C'.


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    Great links Newt... thanks


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