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    Iris plants

    I moved into this area(Durham and north) of NC a year ago and this spring found myself blessed with three large beds of Iris. Knowing the history of this house and yard, all I know is that the Irises have been inplace for at least 20 years. Needless to say I have an over abundance of the loveliest light blue smallis bearded Iris. I plan on splitting up these soon and would love to trade for different colors and/or other pernennials for the gardens. Hostas of any kind, daylilies, verbenas all would be welcome additions for the garden here. Any takers???

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    I'm sorry that your post was viewed 303 times but no one bothered to respond to your post so I am sending it to the top again. I'm sorry I have nothing to trade with you as my bulb supply is very small. I'm sure someone will help you if you are still looking. Good luck

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    Hi sandillsmom, i am new here, i am a little late responding to your post, but if you would still like to trade this spring i will be glad to trade with you just e-mail me if you still on this site. Rose

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