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    melphoto Guest

    protecting peaches from squirrels

    I have a very small yard, most of the area adjacent to my garage is paved with concrete. I have constructed container boxes for flowers, vegetable and two fruit trees--one dwarf apple and one dwarf peach.

    Squirrels love to nibble on the fruit and I have lost over half of the unripened peach crop. They also love to munch on the apples, but, since I did not spray them, the worms have ruined them.

    Are the any suggestions on discouraging these pests? I have a phony owl which I set about and have wrapped the lower branches of the peach tree with mesh netting I purchased at a dressmakers fabric store.

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    pruninggal Guest
    Hi melphoto,

    Did the owl and the netting discourage the squirrels? Netting is what we use here in Seattle too - it's really the only thing that they can't climb on very well..


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