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    i'm green with envy!* i can't manage to get mint to grow AT ALL !!!!


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    I dug out all the roots.* Any time I saw it... out it went.* I now host mint in a strawberry planter.

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    My granny did the same thing with lamb's ear and it worked just fine. :)

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    yes I had a proble with it too, just had to keep digging it out till it was gone. I now plant it in a pot.

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    I was given a bag of mint plants at the start of the season, unfortunately she left them on the back porch (that I seldom use), and the whole lot of em COOKED - and I mean they were everything from brown and brittle on the top of the pile to wet and slimy on the bottom of the bag, and not one bit of anything that looked like it would live. But my husband dared me to try my 'Living Water' on it ... So I put everything in a large long planter and covered it up with planting soil and wet it all down with my 'Living Water'. I only watered it every three days, but only with my 'Living Water'. I really didn't think it would grow at all, but I came out one morning and saw just the tiniest little leaf in the planter. I didn't really think it was the mint to be honest with you, I figured it was just something that had been in the potting soil. But a few weeks later, and you should see this stuff - I now have it planted in 2 BIG pots, the original LARGE planter and a smaller oblong planter that is being shared with a piece of Ginger-root that I hope will take root. If you are interested in the Living Water - just let me know via private message and I'll send you a link or something to the place I get it from. But you have to promice me that once your mint starts growing you eon't blame me if it gets out of hand LOL

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