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    China Doll

    Hello, I have a China Doll Plant and it's looking pretty rough. Does anyone know anything about them? I am going to try repotting it tomorrow into a bigger pot. The leaves feel dry even though I keep the soil moist. It used to be to soft and healthy. :( Jenna

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    Unfortunately, once you let a China Doll dry, like a creeping fig, the leaves shivel and won't come back. If it isn't too far gone, you will get new growth. Just make sure you don't let it dry out as far as you did last time!

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    I received a china doll plant and I have followed the instructions as far as watering and sunlight goes but my plant has this white almost like fungus growing on it.* It is very sticky and the leaves are falling off.* What could I be doing wrong??

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    Hi Adwoodie,

    I realize it's been over 2 months since you posted your question so I hope you've gotten help by now.* If not, it sounds like your plant could have mealy bugs.* The adult stage looks like tiny tufts of cotton.* The sticky stuff you describe is their honeydew aka waste.* You can use a horticultural oil sprayed every 5 to 10 days until they are gone.* I recommend an organic spray made from sesame seeds called Organocide.* There is another made from petroleum called Organicide.* Notice the organic one has and 'o' after the 'organ'.


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