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    Venus Fly trap questions

    while frequenting a local establishment, i noticed some Aloe vera, and as i have worked in several professional kitchens this plant is one of the few I know anything about, next to the aloe vera was a Venus fly trap, ever since, it has been on my mind, i would like to get one of my own, but I have some questions,

    i have read these plants require very bright light, but how much? would a plant survive well on a southurly window sill?

    to keep the base moist, does one submerge the bottom of the pot in 1" of distilled or rain water, or have it just barely touching the waters surface?

    does the atmosphere (read: air) have to be extremely moist? or does this humidity required refer to the base,

    I would like to keep one as a house plant in my room, any help you could offer would be much appreciated. I would rather not have a plant than buy one only to watch it die due to my neglegence.

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    no one? is this forum kind of a ghost town?

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    Hi CarnivoreCrazed,

    I am not sure that there are many house plants experts on this section of plantideas... :)

    For starters, here's a couple websites to help you on your way:

    Very Small type but good info...

    Good luck,

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    I have a aloe plant and I keep it in the window! When the soil feels dry at the top , when you touch it just water it , it doesn't take much . Mine is doing so well so far!

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