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    Nun's Cap Orchic

    I purchased a large, beautiful, blooming Nun's Cap Orchid yesterday at a yard sale. I know that it would do best in the shade. However, I live in a new development and our trees are not large enough to give me a good place to place this in the ground. I was wondering if...1. I can keep it in a large terra cotta pot and 2. How well would it do indoors?
    Any knowledge, thoughts etc. about this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi Olsond,
    You can grow your orchid indoors. Here's directions.


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    Nun's Hood Orchids

    Hi Osland
    I live where these orchids grow wild. They grow in fairly deep shade, in cool and moist jungle floors. I have grown a few of them in pots around my home and they do well as long as they are in a cool location, out of direct sun, in substantially large pots (mature plants are in 10") and are potted in a fairly light, porous media. I water them daily, so the well drained mix is essential.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Dann,

    thanks for the orchid ID - we have one too ...

    Maren, Hilo, HI

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