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    Gardenia Problem!!!

    I have a gardenia with iron deficiency because the soil is probably too alkaline. It has yellowing leaves, sometimes with green veins. I want to increase the soil acidity, so can I add this special fertilizer that is "for acid-loving plants"? The fertilizer has 1% chelated iron and 3% sulfur, and is in the form of slow-release pellets. Will this help? Anything else I can to to correct this problem?

    Thanks! :D

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    if this is really an iron deficiency caused by alcaline soil (i.e. the gardenia unable
    to take up the iron) - or of it is caused by too little iron in the soil - your the fertilizer
    for acid loving plants should help. However, if you have already enough iron in
    the soil, just e.g. coffee grounds would make it more acidic.

    (our soil is acidic here to begin with, we never have this problem)

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