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    plants which would suit a sunny position

    Hi I've been redesigning the garden and need some idea,s I have a spot that has a very sunny position and I need to fill in some gaps as I am weed matting that area it already has roses and I have added aquilegia,s and dianthus and also delphiums and some lilac,s any other ideas as I have a very large area to fill in.

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    pruninggal Guest

    adding plants

    Let us know where you live (what zone) and perhaps we can give you some ideas! :)

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    Maryland zone 7
    Hi Lara,
    It is difficult to determine your hardiness zone from here in the US. I tried to find a zone map for New Zealand that would correspond with the US, but didn't have any luck. Take a look at these temps for Europe and try and let us know what your zone would be here in the US. With the plants that you already have, I suspect that you are 6, 7 or 8. Lilacs and delphiniums like the cold. I once saw a lovely program on your botanical gardens but can't remember the corresponding USDA zone.

    Here's some sites for New Zealand and Australia that might be helpful.

    Hope this helped.

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