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    Help! My Money Tree is going crazy!

    Something strange is going on...

    I bought this pretty money tree (pachira) about a month ago. It had 6 nicely braided stems and a neat ball of healthy, green leaves. It was less than 2 feet tall. Such a perfect plant!

    In a week it simultaneously put out ten new leaf growths. I was really happy ! They kept on growing and growing, larger and larger. Those new leaves are like monster giants compared to the old leaves!

    One single leaf (a stem has 5-7 leaves attached to the center) measure over 10 inches and 3 inches wide! Plus, the stem is so tall that it looks like "tall sticks" waving in the air! Even the largest of the old leaves are 5 inches long and 1-2 inches wide. These gigantic new leaves don't match with the plant!

    I don't know what's causing my plant to suddenly sprout gigantic leaves over twice the normal size. Now my plant looks very...uh...strange, though I sure am glad it's healthy! Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help! :)

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    Hi Lily,

    From this site:
    ...leaves of the Malabar chestnut grow to about 12 inches long and are quickly shed.
    Here's more info I think you'll find helpful.


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    money plants has two types.

    one has bigger leaves and grows very fast.

    one has smaller leaves and grows slower.

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    i'd be happy if it grew fast for me :lol:

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