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Thread: i want still...

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    i want still...

    nevermind the old list...
    baobab, joshua tree, alpine sea holly, hollyhocks, hibicus, morning glorys prefer blue or purple, ornemtal grasses other than pampas grass, herbs(not too picky)...

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    I have grandpa otts morning glory.deep pink and deep purple in middle,
    hollyhocks,dbl. pink and deep red,ornemtal grasses ,monkey grass-little,& zebra,
    What do you have for trade?

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    i am gonna mail it to you cause it is very very long

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    i pmed u what i have here's what i would like on your list:Miniture Gourds, Sky blue morning glory, Grandpa Otts -morn. glory, Zebra grass-few

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    I also have a few "purple martin gourds if you'd like..

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    sure that would be great thanks...

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