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    For those interested you can build a pond under $100

    I wanted a pond but just could afford it when I started adding up the cost of the liner, pump, and especally the filters but I figure if you want something bad enough and look long enough, you'll find a way. I did! :lol:
    I ordered a GOOD pond liner off e-bay for $45.00 and also ordered the pump there for $23.00. These prices also included shipping. I typed in "low cost filters" on a search engine and there are several filters you can build yourself. We built ours using two 5 gallon buckets -one filled with pea gravel-no charge- and the other filled with part of a quilt batting! With a lot of work :cry: we now have a 3 1/2 by 6 by 2 foot deep pond right beside our patio. :D . I bought feeder goldfish-4 lived and are now about 5 inches long and bought water lilies at a chain store for $6.00 each. All the birds that visit our pond is free!

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    Would be lovely to see a picture!

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    A pond is a place of beauty and serenity in a garden or a building. Modern materials have made pond building cheaper and easier.

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