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Thread: for trade

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    for trade

    no one reads or writes here anyhow so if you wanna know email me! ok?

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    Im new so I'll read and write ,whatcha got for trade?

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    if you email me your list i'll mail mine...

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    Would you like to send me your address? I have all your seeds ready to go!! plmk

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    yeah i'll pm it

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    if you sent it in the yellow padded envelope and wrote garden web then i got it but if it was you then what is the seeds in the clear baggie they are not labeled

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    Yes,I sent the bubble that has gardenweb on it,as far as the seeds in the baggie,are they black seeds? I thought I labeled everything!! By the way ,I received your seeds yesterday,Lmk about what the seeds look like,I wonder could it be the Morn. glories

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    the look kinda like squash seeds the black ones u labeled all the rest were labeled but these weren't the look like squash, canalope.... those thyes of seed and i just was wondering what they were lol..

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    I think those must be the "walking stick gourd"? Do they have a funny shape and are brownish?

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