I have had past problems with my container plants drying out,
evaporation, over the last few years with this hot weather & with
having to work during the day. I have tried the gel stuff etc but
not much improvement.

This year I found a tubing unit that slips down the side of my
bell pots & tubs. I tried one in each of them and I am highly
delight with the outcome, plants have kept healthy (with an
edge over the others). You water the top as normal and into the tube
and this gets water to the lower part of the root system, simple but
clever the tube allows water through the side of the tube not out the bottom.

Just like to share this with you all, I'm getting some more
as xmas presents from the grandchildren...

I found these at
www.wateringgem.co.uk should you be interested.... Let me know what you think of it.