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Thread: Fruit Trees

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    Fruit Trees

    We moved into our house 3 years ago (NE OH). In our backyard is a large sloping flower bed (which was nothing but weeds and 4 trees when we moved in). In the bed, there are 2 cherries, 1 lilac, and 1 white pine. Just this year (after a healthy year last year) both cherry trees died. The smaller one got buds in the spring and then nothing after that. The branches are brittle. The larger one got some leaves this year, but not a lot and no fruit. All of the leaves turned and fell off early July. I have a young pear tree in the yard that is doing the same as the second cherry. Any ideas?

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    You might want to contact your local extension service. There might be something going on in your area.

    If you need info on environmentally friendly solutions once you have a diagnosis, just let us know.

    Good luck,

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