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    Playing with buttons and sent post by mistake.
    My question is - How do you safely ship plants to each other.

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    shipping plants safely

    that depends on what you mean by safely.

    If you are only concerned with the plants not getting damaged make sure that they
    are packed well padded, can't move around, and planters covered tightly if in planters,
    if bareroot, padded, and possibly with some water reservoir.

    That's the easy part.

    Depending on where you are, where you want to ship to and what you want to
    ship there may be requirements for inspection, quarantine, etc., up to that it
    may be illegal. If you want to make sure that what you're trying to ship doesn't get
    lost you have to find out the regulations and go by them (by the letter).


    Maren, in Hawaii
    (not shipping plants our of state other than bare root bamboo orchid bulbs)

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    This is what I do. wrap your roots with a wet paper towel,insert into a sandwhich baggie,label them,you can use a zip tie to close it,put alot of newspaper in your package to stop them from moving around.

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    but whether it will get there or not then depends on whether it's legal
    to do so and/or the shipment gets caught ...

    It's safer to find out the legalities first.



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