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    Corn Plant Massangeana - leaves problem


    I bought a corn plant massangeana one month back; about 2 feet
    in length. After buying I transplanted it into another pot.
    Since one month, I have not seen a new leaf; When I bought it,
    the plant has 7-10 leaves which are half-dried. I thought may
    be they were not watering it properly. But its condition
    didnt improve since I replanted it. It is getting indirect

    Actually there were small branches with small leaves (They were like a bulb) from the stem when I bought it. Now two of them are getting dried.

    1. What should I do to get the new leaves grow.
    2. How to prevent the leaves from getting dried.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Vasavi,
    Your corn plant is a Dracaena fragrans Massangeana and is a slow grower and you may not see any new leaves for a couple more months, especially since this is fall and the plant is slowing down for the winter. It will often get brown on the tips of it's leaves and should be watered when the top inch or two is dry. Your plant may have been neglected before you bought it and may need several months to a year to recover depending on many factors, which include just how neglected for water, time of year it is now and how rootbound it was. Here's a site with some growing info.

    It is best to wait 2 weeks to transplant when bringing home a new plant to give it time to adjust to it's new surroundings. This site explains how to care for your houseplants.


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