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    Container Gardening Question

    I have lots of Pansies left over. I bought two very large containers to plant them in. Then I thought I would plant something bigger in the center and the pansies around it to give it some variety. I thought about planting shasta daisies in the center. The pansies are white with red centers, white with purple centers, purple with deep purple centers and red with deep purple centers.
    So what do you think would go good with these? I'm in zone 5 and will put them on the porch. It is shady until about 3-4pm then it get sunlight. I would like something that hopefully will bloom for most of the spring and summer.
    Also one last question if they are put in a glassed in porch during the cold months, is it possible that these could last all year long? Sorry just don't know a great deal about flowers but trying to learn.
    Thanks for the help

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    If it's any help: in the north of Germany pansies usually survive outside, and
    sometimes bloom through the winter.


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    nanllyn, I found this page on apartment container gardening a pretty good start for learning about different container types and styles. I think your pansies will be fine.

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