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    I have a very upset Schefflera right now. I’ll bring everyone up to date so that you could give me some ideas.

    I received the plant about four months ago and at that time it was full and healthy. I brought it home and it began to turn brown on the tips of the leaves. I thought maybe it was due to shock from being relocated, but the browning continued and some of the leaves would dry up and turn brown while the leaves next to it would seem soggy and over watered. I changed some of my watering techniques and started to mist the plant as well…this slowed the browning, but while misting I noticed the webs in the plant. It was infested with spider mites. :evil: I took the plant outside and cleaned off every leaf and used a insecticide spray once a week for two weeks…the mites are gone but they killed most of the leaves on the plant.

    That brings me to my current state. In the pot there are three trees…each one only has one to two leaves left on it and are not showing much signs of new growth. This thing has had about every problem in the book thrown at it, so should I repot, cut the trunks down to the soil, just let it go to see if it comes back…I’m just confused, don’t know what is the best solution.

    Thanks for your help

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    a schefflera (actinophyllia?) is a non-native invasive where I live.
    These are very hard to get rid of here, i.e. they like temperatures in the 70s,
    high humidity, well drained soil, and don't mind a lot of rain. I think they probably
    mind "wet feet" as the wood is really soft and soft wooded trees quite
    often do.

    I wouldn't cut the trunks down to the soil unless they're either rotting/rotted
    or leggier than you would like - leave the leaves on until there's a sign of new
    growth. If you repot make sure the potting media don't hold too much moisture,
    and make sure you don't overwater or overfertilize.



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