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    i'm getting please

    I need some advise. I recently found that i'm a great house plant grower. But i've become bord with my plants. I have mostly Cacti & Succulents plants. ( like 8 different kinds). They take so long to grow...and don't need much care. I need something else that takes a little more TLC. Anyone have any idea's? I do have a fern, couple spider plants and a Jade. Any help would be awesome. Becca

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    Hi Becca,

    Orchids are a real challenge because they are not terrestrials, meaning they don't grow in soil.

    Ming aralias are unusual and very sculptural. They can be pruned to many different shapes. They are not difficult, but they do need lots of TLC.

    Jasmine is another flowering plant that requires constant vigilance.

    The ultimate challenge and most erotic of all plants, is the Epiphyllum oxypetalum, sometimes called Queen of the Night or Night-blooming cereus. For further elaboration on this or any of the others, you can contact me directly at You will not be bored!

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    thanks...i'm emailing you now! Becca

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    I didn't get your e-mail. Try again.

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    On the subject of orchids: there are quite a few orchids that can
    be grown in soil/peat/bark. I wouldn't completely discount growing



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    Hi Maren,

    If I lived in Hawaii, I think I would grow nothing but Orchids! For many of us on the mainland, growing Orchids is a real challenge, given our often over-heated, desert-dry homes and short winter hours of daylight.

    Can I go live with you for a while? LOL!

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    Being from 54 North myself, I can do without the desert dry homes and short
    winter daylight hours, yes.

    I think in temperate zones where most orchids have to be grown indoors (mind
    you, there are temperate zone orchids as well) I'd mist them quite a bit to try
    to create a climate that's more like what they're used to.

    As for only growing orchids: quite in contrast .I have hardly any, I grow mostly
    edibles. - And don't forget, we get about any catastropic weather and other
    natural event you can think of, lately even tornadoes (and on the mountains
    we have blizzards too, can be any time of year, and while people don't live there,
    there's quite a few who work there), not to mention hurricanes, floods, brush
    fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and an ongoing volcano eruption since 1983.
    - And you have to mow the lawn year round, and no kill-frosts.

    Rethink that, it all has it's upsides and downsides :-)


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    OK, Maren. Hawaii sound like a dreadful place! I will just stay here in the wonderfully peaceful confines of New York City. LOL


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