Hi to you too, Newt!

I use up this dish detergent because I don't use it for
dishes. What I really prefer to use is Simple Green (after
reading Material Safety Data Sheets for a few dish detergents
and for Simple Green - that stuff is just about safe enough
to drink, and, I believe, even acceptable in organic

My suggestion for soaking the soil would only apply to
the soil borne pests and not work for the above ground
ones. I have scales on occasion, mostly on bananas and
palms (and a bad case of plumeria scale), and spraying
with a soap/water solution works well for them, but you
may have to repeat the exercise several times. - My
plumeria takes offense to that, but the bananas and
palms as well as my Sago Palm (which is really a cycad,
not a palm) don't mind.