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    Star Jasmine

    I bought a potted star jasmine plant early this summer at a nursery. The information attached stated it was only hardy to 32 degrees, so I left it in the pot for the summer. It grew by leaps and bounds outside, but when I brought it in to the house for the winter, all the leaves fell off within a few days. It is not leaveless, but has some new growth on the stalks. I don't think it is dead, as it seems to be growing, but I am not sure what I did wrong? Will the leaves come back? Any ideas?

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    Hi Susan,

    It probably experienced shock. You don't say when you brought it in, where you live or how cold the temps were outside at night when you brought it in. If you already had the heat on in the house, that could easily cause the plant to shed it's leaves. The leaves of a plant are expendable and will grow back with the proper conditions.

    You may need to either repot it, cut it back or cut it back, root prune and repot. If you need a site with info on repotting let me know. You should find this helpful too.


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