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    clove seeds available

    these are pollinated seeds, not spice cloves.

    Shipping in the US only.
    Attractive tropical tree, can make a good house plant for several years.
    Seeds are recalcitrant, limited time only (probably about until mid March)

    $2.50/package of 10 + $3.50 S+H,
    $25.- for 100, shipping (first class mail) included.

    Hawai'i grown cloves (spice cloves, limited amount) also available.


    Maren Purves, Hilo, HI

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    well, it is mid March.
    I still have some clove seeds left, but not a lot.


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    I have been searching for clove seeds (spice kind). I want to grow the plant in my sunroom. Does anyone have any at this time? If not when will you have them? Thanx heaps

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    clove seeds should be available again later this year, in the fall going into winter.
    The are only viable for a short period of time.
    Now is (where I am) the time to harvest cloves for spices, they
    aren't ripe (viable) yet.

    I will post a reply here, or you can send me email to m.purves (at)
    if you'd like me to put you on the list of people to get notified when I have
    them available again.

    Maren Purves
    Palms, Etc.: Tropical Plant Seeds - Hand-made Jewelry - Plants & Lilikoi

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    clove seeds are available again.
    Same price as before.

    Palms, Etc.: Tropical Plant Seeds - Hand-made Jewelry - Plants & Lilikoi

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    How big do they get and what kind of soil?



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    they become a medium size tree and apparently like quite
    a bit of sun, as the seedlings that I have in a sunny location
    grow faster than the ones that get more shade. Soil doesn't
    seem to make much of a difference as long as they don't get
    waterlogged for too long.

    The seeds will end much earlier than last year this time,
    probably because we had so much rain.

    Palms, Etc.: Tropical Plant Seeds - Hand-made Jewelry - Plants & Lilikoi

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    Thanks! I had seen your site but thought the links up top were blue for a title kinda thing. This time I saw the "And Produce" part was black, wich makes it so much easier to navigate.

    Thanks again!


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    out of cloves seeds for this winter. Should be available again
    next fall/winter. Send me email if you'd like to be put on
    the waiting list.


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    Clove seeds are again available.
    Price for 10 seeds including agricultural inspection and
    shipping by first class mail is US $ 7.- within the US.
    Larger amounts are also available.

    Will ship to other countries if they allow it. Phytosanitary
    certificates can be done at an (rather large, but that's the
    fees) extra charge.


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