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    Easy to grow perennials?

    Hi, I'm new and I had a few questions I thought someone here could help me with.

    I'm a fairly inexperienced gardener so any and all help will be MOST appreciated.

    I have this huge tub thing in the yard and I really would like to make use of it. I'd like to plant perennials in it. What I'd like is something that will either bloom all growing season long OR a few plants that will bloom at different times so I will have flowers all season. I live in hardiness zone 7-8 and I'd like to find plants that are easy to find and grow.

    I know that's a lot of conditions, but I hope someone here can help me!

    Thanks a lot!

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    I am not going to be any help at all, I'm afraid. bUt I wanted to say hi and welcome anyway.

    i am as inexperienced as you AT LEAST!!!

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    Hi Autumnfaerie,

    The only thing you haven't mentioned is the sun conditions.* Without those it would be difficult to make plant recommendations.* Also, when you say "huge tub" just what are the dimensions?


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    [align=left]I'm doing a lot of container gardening this year, but I usually put annuals in them.*** One perennial* I would recommend is Dianthus.* It usually does good and gets bigger and prettier the following year(s).*** Just mulch on top before winter hits.* Daisies would also work well.[/align]

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    You may want to consider planting a container of succulents with various stonecrop varieties and hen&chicks. These do great in most soils and don't need a lot of watering.

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